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Multi-lingual performer, and translator.
Music and acting teacher.
Filmmaker and theatre artist.


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Creative, innovative, thoughtful

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Kind, compassionate and considerate

Witty and unflappable

Professional, sensitive and a joy!

Sunshine with a hint of gleeful menace!

Compelling and engaging

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Welcome - Bienvenu -
Siete benvenuti - Wilkommen!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I’m Cristina, sending you a hello from the East Coast of Canada - where I currently live and work as a multi-lingual instructor, actor, director, translator and a fledgling filmmaker.


A bit about me:


As the first born in Canada of my family - Northern Italian/German - growing up in Ontario and Quebec we spoke English at home, French at school, and Italian with my grandparents. As a child I could normally be found with my nose stuck to a tv/film screen watching early films (1880’s - 1940’s), reading the classics, or geekily conducting Beethoven’s Fifth in our basement. As a teenager, I could be found living on our highschool stage.


After degrees and studies - in music, theatre, dance, history, archaeology and interdisciplinary studies - like many, today I find my life has been like a dish of noodles - full of twists and turns - even though sometimes tasty, things have not quite turned out exactly as expected.

In these noodle-like twists and turns, life has offered new experiences and a wide variety of skills; working in everything from catering, to Event Management, workshops, independent bookstores, to Federal Government and somehow, 15 years in national museums. (National Museums of History, War and Immigration.)


I've also dipped into film and theatre; working as an actor, movement coach, assistant director, production assistant, and ... the list goes on!  In addition to creating and performing my own shows. Yet, still I only dabbled - mainly out of fear - never taking a full commitment, plunging into the work.


A major U-Turn moment came when a dream came true, and I was able to attend the International Workshop for the Comic Actor, led by Maestro

A. Fava.  

After a severe case of stage fright, I decided that's it - time to stop hiding, start sharing and say yes!


Today it's time to delve in, and put all of my training, experience and skills into my current projects and services - with at their core, a passion for physical performance work and coaching.


Here's my fledgling website detailing my current areas of focus - Documentary Series, Podcast, and multi-media Theatre Production.


Please feel free to reach out as you read on!


My goal is to inspire and to create a safe, comforting and vibrant space for our stories - with all their strong, quirky twists.  


I hope you enjoy your visit!

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"Cristina has the ability to bring out the strengths of an individual and give them the confidence to take risks and learn new techniques. She is seamless in her approach and easily identifies the best direction to take.
She can see the unique potential of each individual and tailors her coaching so that it addresses and supports them personally." - Anne Cheng

Music Lessons

"I was very lucky to have Cristina as my teacher. I learned to play piano when I was a child and had some bad habits. Cristina was able to correct my posture and hand position, while also explaining how this would benefit my playing. In very short order, I was able to play comfortably and more accurately." -
Pat B.

Acting Experience

"She has an incredible instinct for the work and her inspired play always supports the story she is engaged in. She is a gifted and dedicated performer. She is consistently invested in improving and advancing her art and craft. She has a unique gift and possesses great initiative, perseverance, and professional ability." - Alix Sideris.


Welcome to Twist in the Knot Productions, where I offer a variety of services to help you reach your goals. My goal is to create a compelling, professional, fun and caring environment. With years of experience in teaching, workshops, acting and translation, I provide personalized, innovative services in English, French and Italian. My goal is to help you relax, reach your individual goals, and rediscover your brilliant quirkiness!

More details will be added soon.

For now feel free to contact us directly by clicking the tabs.

"She can see the unique potential of each individual and tailors her coaching so that it addresses and supports them personally." - A.C.

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"I started voice lessons with Cristina because I wanted to strengthen my upper register and increase my confidence.

Not only did we achieve these goals, but we had so much fun working on it.

Now we work on piano as well as voice and are still having fun!"

- Rebecca Norris

... Fun and awesome,

as always!


- Jason - Voice student

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